Design of STOL Airport at Makalu

Project Name : Detail Survey and Design of new proposed small (STOL) Airport at Makalu        
Location:Sankhuwasabha District        
Project Type : Detail Survey and Design             
Client :Civil Aviation Authority    
Contract Amount (NRS) : 4,82,510.00   
Completion date : May-201I

Scope of the work:

  • Detail survey and preparation of the master plan
  • Laboratory investigation of soils includes Atterberg’s limit test, CBR, Grain Size analysis, Specific gravity and content etc.
  • Previous meteorological data collection and analysis.
  • Land availability, ownership of land, land use, land acquisition plan, natural resources
  • Study about beneficiaries and contribution to the nation after the operation of the airport.
  • Preparation of Report with recommendation of pavement thickness and complete geo-technical design parameters needed for proposed new Airport

Makalu Airport

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