Detailed Engineerimg Survey and Geological Investigation of Bridges

Project Name : Detailed Engineering Survey and Geological Investigation of following Bridges:
Deomai Khola Bridge
Muwa Khola Bridge
Subang Khola Bridge
Nibu Khola Bridge
Sabuwa Khola Bridge
Kishni Khola Bridge
Ninda Khola Bridge
Surunga Khola Bridge
Amilahan Khola Bridge
Ridi Khola
Charchare Khola
Location :Illam, Pancthar,Taplejung, Jhapa and Palpa DistrictS
Client : Local Road Bridge Programme (LRBP)
Contract Amount (NRS) :12,317,000.00
Completion date: May, 2015

Scope of the Works:

• Technical Feasibility Study
• Detailed Topographic Survey
• Hydrological, Seismological and Environmental Study of Bridge Site
• Geo-technical Investigation, Soil investigation, Field test and Laboratory Test
• Preparation of working drawings and cost estimate
• Prepare Draft and Final Reports

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