Feasibility Study, Detailed Engineerimg Survey and Soil Investigation Hydrological Study and Detailed designed of Budhi Ganga Bridge, over Budhi Ganga River

Project Name : DSC01071along Access Road from Thanti Bazzar to power House site of Budhi Ganga Hydropower Project, Accham District
Bridge Type & Spam : 70 m. spam (2x35m), 6m. carriage way width Steel Truss Bridge with 2 open type abutment and pier
Location :Accham District
Client : Budhi Ganga Hydropower Project
Contract Amount (NRS) : 840,000.00
Completion date: June, 2015

Scope of the Works:

 Technical Feasibility Study
 Detailed Topographic Survey
 Hydrological, Seismological and Environmental Study of Bridge Site
 Geotechnical Investigation including Soil investigation, Field test and Laboratory Test
 Preparation of working drawings and cost estimate
 Prepare Draft and Final Reports

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