IEE Report Preparation of 5 Roads

IEE Report Preparation of  following 5 Roads for DoR, Planning and Design Branch, Geo-Environment and Social Unit:

  • Kapurkot – Nijawang – Rank Road Section Rolpa,
  • Sulichaur – Thawang Road Section Rolpa,
  • Liwang – Dhawang – Dhangsi – Jaljala Road Section Rolpa
  • Liwang – Darbot – Road Section Rolpa,
  • Holeri – Gwarkhola – Tulsipur Road Section

Scope of Works:

  • The main objective of the IEE is to identify the impacts of proposed project.
  • Conducting of IEE for this project is to identify the physical, biological, socio-economic and cultural aspects of the existing environmental condition,
  • Provide information to locals and concerned stakeholders about the environmental implications of the proposed project,
  • Recommend appropriate preventive and curative measures, including benefits augmentation measures, environmental management plan along with monitoring plan
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